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• Time to Reap  • Points & Pixels  • DARPA  • Surveyors & Technology  • Sensors  • Construction Map  • Mining  • Downtime  • Geohazards  • Voxelize  • Visual Changes  • Random Points  • Business
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LizardTech Publishes Industry Survey Results on Raster Imagery and LiDAR Data Challenges
Maptek Geology Solutions – A Story That Began With Coal
At Intergeo, Velodyne’s Real-Time 3D LiDAR Scanners Map the World Via Land, Sea and Air
The Latest in 3D Technology is Premiered at Free Event Hosted by 3D Laser Mapping
Commercial UAV Expo Opens Today in Las Vegas
New Esri Workbook Teaches Analysis Skills, Combining Lidar Data and ArcGIS Software
Trimble Introduces Next Generation Indoor Mobile Mapping System for Building Interiors and Underground Structures
Ben Kacyra: Ancient wonders captured in 3D
YellowScan, the Lightest All-In-One LiDAR System, Operates on Dozens of Different Aerial Vehicles
Woolpert Bringing High-altitude Imaging Technologies to Commercial Market
Forestry Applications for Teledyne Optech Airborne LiDAR at SilviLaser 2015
UAV Mapping Pioneer Launches SkyPoint Drone Consulting Group
StreetMapperIV Launch At Intergeo: The Latest Mobile Mapping System from 3D Laser Mapping
LizardTech Discusses Map Projections in Upcoming Webinar
Specim releases first professional quality hyperspectral sensor range AisaKESTREL for UAV's
YellowScan®, the lightest all-in-one LiDAR system, operates on dozens of different aerial vehicles
Potree Puts Big and Beautiful LiDAR in Your Browser
Arithmetica Uses Intergeo to Showcase Latest Versions of Pointfuse
Phoenix Aerial Scout – Redefining the Power of UAV LiDAR Mapping
New Mobile Surveying Solution from Teledyne Optech at INTERGEO 2015
SBG Systems and Viametris to Present 3D Indoor Scanning System Aided by the Ellipse-A AHRS at Intergeo
From the Editor: Time to Reap What You Have Sown
Points & Pixels
A Decade of Dedicated Mobile LiDAR
Surveyors and Technology
Review of the Optech Galaxy, Titan and CZMIL LiDAR Sensors
Ruled By Paper—Origins of the Construction Map
Aerial Lidar Finds Gold Mineralization, Improves Mining Efficiency, Safety and Reduces Costs
A Race Against Time
Investigating Geohazards—LiDAR Reveals the Turbulent Life of Mountain Slopes

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Ken Smerz  
The Business of Laser Scanning: Industry Update: Ken Smerz - Our company travels throughout North America working primarily in the AEC space with architects, contractors, owners, and specialty trades of all sizes working on a wide variety of project types. So for those of us who have been laser scanning providers for a long time (which in this market is just about anyone with ...

Yang Li & Brimicombe 
Rapid Appraisal of Green Roof Potential in Urban Area: Yang Li & Brimicombe - We have recently successfully used LiDAR data to assess the green roof potential during our work in the project of TURaS. TURaS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability) is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of European Union. Our work in this project focuses on green ...

Lauri Hartikainen 
Improving Point Cloud Data Accessibility with Web Browser Solutions: Lauri Hartikainen - With the continuously increasing use of laser scanning and other 3D data collection technologies within civil engineering, construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and industrial facilities, improving the accessibility and usability of these massive datasets also outside the traditional user ...

Bob Gilbert 
MoDOT Preserves Archaeological Information with Close-Range LiDAR: Bob Gilbert - When many people think of the field of archaeology they often think of lost cities and fedora hats thanks to the popularity of the "Indiana Jones" movies. Rarely does the general public think of LiDAR in connection with recording historical information and artifacts, but that is exactly what has ...
LiDAR mag

Montreal, Canada, September 22nd, 2015 – SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, is pleased to announce that AeroVironment has selected Correlator3D™ for post-processing UAV imagery.




The Consumerization of LiDAR
Let's start with a quick recap of two recent conferences. ILMF 2015 continued the tradition of this start-of-the-year, industry trade show event. The overall attendance was typical of past events. There was something like 18 new companies exhibiting in what felt like a cramped and ....
Read the Article
Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Optimal Design
I am treading down a dangerous path, speaking about design! My wife Nancy has a formal education in industrial design and often comments about my lack of ability in this department! Nevertheless, I venture forth. I hope by the end of this missive we circle back round to find relevance with ....
Read the Article
Katia Chaterji and Allyson Mcduffie 
Documenting the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
In the fall of 2014, CyArk and Trimble embarked on a joint program to preserve a series of sites across western Africa and the Americas in order to shed further light on the physical remains of sites associated with the extensive and ....
Read the Article
Carlos Bayod 
Lucida: The 3D Laser Scanner for Conservation
Factum Arte is a multidisciplinary workshop based in Madrid, Spain dedicated to digital mediation and the production of projects that redefine the relationship between two and three dimensions while addressing the complex dynamic that exists between originality and authenticity. Founded by ....
Read the Article
Dr. Lori C. Walters 
Scanning the Space-Age
The faint, incessant beeps of Sputnik marked the beginning of the Space-Age, an era that simultaneously advanced Cold War fears of nuclear annihilation, led to a telecommunications revolution and witnessed humanity's initial steps upon another celestial body. It is an era that ....
Read the Article
Mark Hardy 
Bringing Laser Scanning to New Depths in the Subsea Oil & Gas Market
It was a warm clear day on the deck of the Global Orion. We had sailed out of Carlyss, Louisiana two days ago and I was excited and a bit nervous for the upcoming project. It was not my first time working offshore but the stakes were high as we attempted to do something that had never ....
Read the Article
Daryl Johnson 
The Barriers of 3D Laser Scanning Technology Using Innovation
3D laser scanning technology is great, but it still has problems, and people tend to not like problems, as we know. However, I can't think of a job that does not have at its core a problem that needs to be solved. It may seem strange that a couple of chemical engineers have devoted the last ....
Read the Article
Robin Nixon 
History & Heroes—National Mall and Memorial Parks
Few places are more visible or recognizable to the eyes of the world than the National Mall, that stretch of land between the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. The American people, as well as visitors from all over the world, have long congregated in this historic and ....
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Paul Tice 
Experiencing Legacy ASTM E57 for Heritage
There are an infinite number of mechanisms in the history of visual documentation and communication, dating back thousands of years that humans have used to spark an idea, a memory, or an experience. The question that I have asked myself and readers of my blog in several ....
Read the Article
Leshchinsky, Olsen, Tanyu & Wartman  
Inventorying and Classifying Landslides using Bare Earth Lidar
It was a sunny weekend morning on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River when suddenly, the surrounding hills started moving. At 10:37AM, a landslide of approximately 7 million cubic yards of soil, rocks and trees swept across the Stillaguamish Valley, tragically taking the lives of 43 ....
Read the Article
Rister P.E., Dr. Yang, Mcintosh, & Dr. Dadi 
Life Saving LiDAR
Surveyors and engineers around the world are pushing the limits of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to assist the designer in a multitude of Civil Works projects, but researchers at the University of Kentucky's Kentucky Transportation Center and Center for Visualization and Virtual ....
Read the Article
Ole Knudsen 
LiDAR—Lowering Cost Per Tonnes in Dry Bulk Business
As the competition and the requirements for safe and reliable dry bulk operations have increased rapidly over the years, the use of advanced automation technologies has become a key success factor in order to establish an efficient, high-quality, stable and competitive supply ....
Read the Article
Ville Koivuranta 
Demonstration of Unmanned Aircraft for Powerline Inspections
In 2013 Finnish law for electricity markets set forth rules for electricity distribution and availability of electricity for customers. The maximum allowed duration of an interruption of electricity is 6 hours in urban and suburban areas; 36 hours in rural areas. Exceeding the time limits ....
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Ken Smerz 
The Business Of Laser Scanning: General Contractors...Exposed?
There's a significant growing end user group in the laser scanning community --general contractors. More clearly, self-performing general contractors. This is the a unique group within the GC world that performs some scope of the project themselves, and this case has made the investment in a ....
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