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• British Invasion  • Photons  • Black Dragon  • Data Hosting  • Can I Use a Drone?  • Dot Products DPI-7   • 10 Commandments  • Accuracy Requirements  • Abe and George   • Threatened Vernacular Architecture  • USIBD  • Situation Report
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Leverage BIM Models for Better and Faster Decisions on Site and in the Field
New Orleans Heritage Preserved with Pointfuse 3D Models
New Release of Bentley Map Brings Information Mobility to the Forefront with Expanded Interoperability
Orbit GT and LuxCad, Luxembourg Sign Reseller Agreement
Optech Announces ILSC 2015 in Celebration of UN International Year of Light
Commercial UAV EXPO Announces Early Backers
Blue Marble to Highlight Use of Global Mapper for the Military at SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition
New Release of Bentley Map Brings Information Mobility to the Forefront with Expanded Interoperability
REAL LIVE Demos to Feature Innovative 3D Solutions from Gold Sponsor Leica Geosystems
Bluesky Launches Online Renewable Energy Platform
Aero-Graphics Places First Order for Optech Galaxy Airborne Lidar
Eversendai Offshore Selects AVEVA Marine for Integrated Engineering & Design
Pitney Bowes Unveils New Brand Strategy for the Future of Commerce
A Day in the Field with a DotProduct DPI-7 Hand-held Scanner
Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Visualization System for use in Civil Engineering and Geomatics
Gold Sponsor Leica Geosystems to Highlight State-of-the-Art in 3D Capture Hardware and Software at REAL 2015
Orbit GT Supports LasZip for LAS 1.2 and LAS 1.4
LizardTech Announces New Global Business Development Manager
REAL 2015
AVEVA Opens New Office in Saudi Arabia
Bentley Announces Acquisition of C3global and Its Amulet Operational Analytics
US Army Corps of Engineers Selects SimActive for Drones
Adelaide Trio Delivering Advanced 3D Reality Capture, Scanning and Modelling Solutions
IGTF 2015 Abstract Submission Form Now Open
Horizons Enables Proactive Winter Maintenance
Drones to Cut Inspection Costs in Half While Improving Electricity Distribution Reliability
PR Pecora ISPRS IAG Joint Symposium Presents Prestigious Awards
Optech Showcasing Latest Transportation Survey Solutions at TRB 94th Annual Meeting
AVEVA Boosts Promer’s Project Quality and Efficiency
FARO® Launches Innovative, User-Friendly Handheld 3D Laser Scanner to Meet Growing Demand for Portable Scanning

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Michael Raphael 
3D Scanning Featured in Rock Music Video: Michael Raphael – In early May 2014, Direct Dimensions was contacted by a film production company about helping to create a music video for the band called Liars. The producers and director had a very clear vision of what they wanted to do in the video (see the Featured Video), which was show the creation and destruction ...
John 'JB' Byrd 
Growing Support for Digital Coast in Congress: John "JB" Byrd – Recent reports and articles have focused on sea level rise and how technology can be used to monitor, evaluate and plan for the phenomena. Included in these reports is a focus on a technology known and accepted by the geospatial community, but new to the mainstream media. That technology is LiDAR ...
Lewis Graham 
LIDAR Best Practices: Part II – Field Analysis: Lewis Graham – In the initial installment, we examined the initial acquisition segment of an airborne LIDAR project. In this issue, we will move on through field quality checks. As discussed in the previous issue, it is always best practice to look for problems that might require a reflight prior to mobilization off the project area ...

 LiDAR News Magazine - Recent Articles
From the Editor: Looking Forward and Back
We are entering a busy time of the year with work, conferences and of course, the holidays. There are a number of key industry conferences including the BIG one InterGEO and the combined SPAR Europe/ELMF. There is the CyArk 500 Annual Summit, MAPPS' International Conference ....
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John Shipley 
3D Data Immersion: Hand-Held Scans Enable A Quick Experience
What happens when you pair a gaming headset with color point cloud data and a walking virtual reality system? You get a life-like and highly immersive and realistic experience. When the headset is the Oculus Rift Gaming Headset, the point cloud--a DotProduct scan, and the virtual ....
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Industry News: MAPPS Summer Meeting Recap
As a trade association, MAPPS focuses on the business aspects of the geospatial market. The sessions and discussions during the MAPPS 2014 Summer Conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho focused on the advancements in technologies that will create new opportunities and challenges for ....
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Ted Knaak 
Data Modeling: Will We Always Need to Model Lidar Data?
Last week I attended the Florida Survey and Mapping Society conference at the Marriott Sawgrass, Jacksonville. During an excellent dinner with friends who are also TopoDOT users, the question was asked, "Ted, what will you do when lidar data just passes into all CAD programs and extracting ....
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Klein, Bennett, & Brockway 
Unearthing Landslides—The Difference is the Detail
Eye-witness survivors say there was a loud rumbling noise, then, within minutes, an entire community was consumed by a massive landslide, taking 43 lives and burying 49 homes in the process. The devastation and loss that shook the residents of Oso ....
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Chris Hoyle 
How Mobile Lidar is Revolutionising Automotive Testing
rFpro has been a customer of the mobile lidar industry for the last seven years. Our organisation rFpro delivers driving simulation solutions to automotive and motorsport manufacturers around the globe. Over the last 7 years we have commissioned over 200 kinetic lidar surveys of race ....
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Improving Airport Safety with Obscurant-Penetrating Lidar
It's the airport equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack, and the stakes are incredibly high. Get it wrong and there's a risk of serious accidents, with people injured or killed, and possibly millions of dollars of damage to aircraft or airport facilities and untold indirect costs for ....
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Exploring the 'Value' of 3D Laser Scanning
The evolution of technology can be subtle or stark, but as with all things, change is constant. Just as technology changes, so do our opportunities. In a technology-based industry, such as the AEC industry, it is important to make sure that we are aware of the opportunities, the technological ....
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Leigh Shields  
Lidar And GIS Combined to Map and Preserve Tropical Forests
Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) investigate climate change across the globe to identify opportunities for conservation, restoration, and economic development. WHRC has been using Esri geographic information system (GIS) software for more than 30 years ....
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Bucheli, Glennie, & Lynne 
Terrestrial Laser Scanning and the Post Mortem Interval
Remote sensing technologies have recently emerged in forensics as a way to investigate clandestine graves and crimes scenes, as methods tend to be both nondestructive and noninvasive1. Specifically, the use of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for forensic investigations has increased ....
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Marc Cheves,
Monumental Challenge: Ben Kacyra's Perseverance
Although there is still some dispute as to who "invented" laser scanning as we know it, one name is synonymous in this country: Ben Kacyra. From his early years in Iraq to his education and work in the US, Ben's experience ultimately led ....
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O'Neil-Dunne & Shuckman 
Remote Sensing Online Education at Penn State University
The field of remote sensing is arguably going through the most disruptive period of change in its history. The explosion in the number of satellites, both commercial and civil, has occurred alongside the rise in new sensing technologies, such as lidar ....
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Paul Tice 
From the Toolshed: Extracting Infrastructure From Point Clouds
For those new to working with point clouds, or for those a bit overwhelmed with the myriad of solutions marketed by software companies, I would like to offer some insight into what I've learned over the years in the industry: particularly, converting point clouds into useable and modifiable ....
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Dr. Srinivasan S Dharmapuri 
Challenges in Aerial LiDAR Processing—Part 2
Some of the challenges that are normally encountered in floodplain studies have been covered in the article "Challenges in Aerial LiDAR Processing in Flood Plain Studies" which has been published previously in LiDAR News Vol3, No 6. This article will expand on the challenges that were initially ....
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Linda Duffy 
Cost-Effective Electric Transmission Corridor Mapping
Industry perceptions can damage a business, resulting in lost sales and missed opportunities. When Atlantic, a remote sensing, surveying and consulting firm based in Huntsville, Alabama, realized they were not being considered for electric transmission line data collection projects, they ....
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Ferguson, Ryder, & Richardson 
NERC-FAC003-3—The Use of Lidar in Vegetation Management
NERC FAC-003-3 came into force on July 1st 2014. This article takes a look at how lidar-based workflows, provided by NM Group, can be used within a utility's Transmission Vegetation Management Program (TVMP) to support compliance. It also demonstrates that utilities can combine lidar ....
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Batch Programming—A Useful Tool for Lidar Management
As surveyors establish laser scanning as a new method of data collection, its applications continue to grow. In many projects, laser scanning data serves as a platform to link data and information for decision making. Because of the diverse ....
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Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Accurately Speaking...
As I write this column our company (GeoCue Group) is preparing a new release of our desktop point cloud tool kit, LP360 (it seems as if I have been saying this for months!). One of the new tools included in this release is a measurement system for control and check point assessment for both ....
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Ken Smerz 
The Business of Laser Scanning: Keep Your Enemies Close
The single biggest challenge a laser scanning service provider faces is building long term cash flow. Most of us follow the construction industry which by nature is cyclical. Our clients do not typically plan out very far and most of our work seems to come on short term notice. What develops ....
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